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A hello

Assalamualaikum. dah lama sangat sangat tak update blog ni. last pun masa sekolah menengah, sejaknya masa kawan ler ajak pi sakan ber-blogging. huk huk.

   Since then, I think it is better that I introduce myself. I'm 19 and just graduated last 2 months from Matriculation. I'm waiting for upu result to reveal soon in September. Literally, so scared takut takut la kan. regarding my pointer is very very low. It's below 2.5, honestly.. haha. terox and worth my attempt ((sleeping for like hours in matriks)). hehe.

   Gigih saya buat reseach for the course that I should take. well, if anyone of you gaiz is interest to read story about matriculation life, leave your comment at the space behind. heks. since, I down know what to talk about la kan. So, thats all. Barakallahu feekum ((Semoga Allah merahmati kamu)).